Ashvin Sharma

Junior Fellow

There’s no greater feeling than learning to be grateful.

I’ve just recently truly realized how beautifully privileged I am. Simply appreciating the world around you is most direct way of learning self love. This self love slowly grows into compassion. For yourself at first, but eventually for others around you as well. For all others. Then everyone. You’ll start developing the perspective that allows you to see the varying but similar beauty in each person. It’s a slow process and entails many stepbacks, but it’s mighty. This sparks something inside that’s hard to lay words over. A desire to make the lives of others as amazing as you’re able to. Starting with something as simple as making someone smile. Leading to more deeply analyzing what it is about our structure makes people frown in the first place. There’s a lot of issues that stem from the depths of our system and the systems around the world. I’m fortunate that this perspective/feeling and my discovery of EWB happened rather simultaneously. As the Junior Fellow of our McMaster chapter I’ll be working in Africa this summer with a local venture focused on development and systemic growth. I couldn’t have found a more perfect experience to align with my desire right now. EWB fosters such pure and critical ideals for growing this world that it embodies that spark so well. Working at slowly weeding out all the root causes of poverty in Africa is their vision, and the greatest part about all of it is that EWB actually takes action to create this. If you want to learn more about how, to speak with me personally, or a member of our chapter we’d be over the moon and mars to chat. Easy as a quick message . Look forward to my time as the Junior Fellow and conversing with you.

Very best,

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