Erik Robert

Co-VP Leadership Development

As an engineering student, we focus heavily on understanding the applications of the sciences to create goods and services to meet the needs of a society. However, there is little focus on who we are trying to impact with our knowledge. My perspective is that we should create these goods and services to improve the quality of life of our communities and that we also have the responsibility of sharing our knowledge provide opportunities for others to do the same. Working with Engineers Without Borders and Empowerment Squared allowed me to work directly with youth in the community while leading a team of enthusiastic volunteers to do the same. By providing academic mentorship to immigrant and refugee youth, we are helping them to develop the skillsets they need to contribute to the broader society. In doing so, we developed relationships with the youth, as well as with the knowledgeable and down to earth community leaders who run the Empowerment Squared program. We learned how our engineering knowledge can be used to not only create goods and services, but to be used to help improve the life of others through knowledge translation and community building. I know that in the future, I will be able to combine my academic knowledge, community engagement skills within my profession to help create sustainable societies.

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