Shunmathi Shanmugam

VP Food Systems

Hello to whoever is reading this and I hope you are well! My name is Shunmathi (Sunny) and am currently VP Food Systems fo the EWB McMaster chapter.


I started in EWB as a general member in the fall of 2018 and quickly took on projects to help the team. I specifically worked on their fall Sustainability Night - a night dedicated to learning about sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective through a panel discussion.

By second semester, I took on the role of VP Food Systems and have been loving it!


So far, I have organized a team trip to Green Venture. Green Venture is a NGO in Hamilton dedicated to educating the community on making personal lifestyle changes to live more sustainable lives. In a span of a few hours, we learned about the impact of community collaboration, food waste and composting, hamilton sustainability initiatives, and more!


I also worked closely with this year’s EWB Global Engineering Conference (GEC) organizers. Since the theme of the conference as Engineering Food: Scarcity to Abundance, I worked with them as a conference programmer and contacted speakers from multiple disciplines to lead keynote speeches and workshops for the delegates. Speaker’s disciplines and organizations ranged from scientific research at universities and/or companies to community food centres like Hamilton Mission Services and Neighbor 2 Neighbor - Hamilton Food Community Centre.


We have also started to branch out and work with other organizations at McMaster including McMaster Residence Life.


As VP Food Systems, I am encouraged to think about my relationship, and my society's relationship, to food such as the equitable access to food that is nutritious and supports our physical, mental and sociocultural needs. I hope to continue to help the community in this role while also educating myself on this very complex, yet important, concept of food systems and issue of food insecurity. We are very excited for all our upcoming projects under the food systems umbrella of EWB - McMaster and we would love to have you on our team!

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